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From Steve Mactaggart <>
Subject Re: Why Maven is Hard?
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 03:56:41 GMT
Case in point

Something that is really useful, but still non existant.

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From: Dennis Cook <>
To: Maven Users List <>
Sent: Tuesday, 25 September, 2007 5:05:42 AM
Subject: Re: Why Maven is Hard?

I can sympathize here.  Maven is a great concept for the simple tasks but is much more difficult
when something is just outside the norm.  I have been tinkering with maven projects for several
month and monitoring this forum, but when it came time to port my own code base I find myself
struggling all the time.  

Mavens concept of declaration hides a lot of the "how its done" from the developer. So if
things don't work quite like you expected then you only have the doc to help you.  But I have
found that even the doc is very narrowly focused in the examples provided so it is back to
the plugin doc and many are almost totally useless to a NOOB.

I think that once I understand the "how things work under the covers" the light bulb will
come on.  But it is a big learning curve for some of us.


Rodrigo Madera <> wrote: Denis,

Will all due respect, do you really wish to just read a page and get running
and fully understanding Maven?
Do you really say Maven is hard because you didn't understand your very
first plugin encounter, which happens to be nothing less than the EAR

Maven is a complex system that simplifies projects, but it does so with
concepts that need to be viewed.
You need to read the book. You need to read it so you will understand.

If you're a fast reader you'll be doing Hello World in less than two hours
knowing what you are doing.


On 9/24/07, Denis Bessmertniy 
> That is. I haven't need to read fat books when I studied Ant, for example.
> That is. Look to
> modules  The ear modules configuration.
>     * Type: org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.EarModule[]
>     * Required: No
> What is org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.EarModule[] here? How I may understand
> what I need to pass?
> Standard Maven plugins really bad documented.
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> From: Nick Stolwijk []
> Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 11:17 AM
> To: Maven Users List
> Subject: Re: Why Maven is Hard?
> What documentation did you read? There are two very good books about maven
> 2
> (and they are free to download)
> 1. Maven the Definitive Guide ( 2. Better
> Builds with Maven
> (
> Sometimes, the documentation for some of the plugins is hard to
> understand.
> But mostly, this are third party plugins, so the Maven team can't do
> anything about it. You will have to mail the team of the plugin.
> Hth,
> Nick Stolwijk
> Denis Bessmertniy wrote:
> > It is interesting why maven is so hard to understand? Why it is not
> > well documented? (It is all my own opinions) I haven't so much
> > probmlems with Ant, for example.
> >
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