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From Arash Amiri <>
Subject maven-bundle plugin and felix-308
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 15:27:02 GMT
Hi, I have some questions considering the felix-308 issue.

right now, when you add dependencies to your maven-bundle-plugin, you 
have to add transitive dependencies by hand, right?

so if I want to use the commons-httpclient in my bundle, I have to add 
also log4j.
If I add log4, javax.jms and org.apache.log.* become missing contraints, 
which I have to add by hand again, and so on and so forth (so far I 
couldnt get my example with httpclient running...)

as far as I read (somewhere in the web) the maven-osgi-plugin did that 
somehow better than the maven-bundle-plugin considering these transitive 
dependencies, right?

Is the issue Felix-308 taking care of these transitive dependencies 
(just like maven can handle these dependencies when compiling a "normal" 


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