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From Georg Öttl <>
Subject Deployment of runtime configurations? Deployment of assemblies?
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 11:47:51 GMT


I have a different configurations (spring, Text files and so on). I really tried hard to figure
out how I should handle those runtime configurations with maven. Has anybody done such a thing
so far?

My problem is: If I put the configuration into the src/main/resources directory and therefore
directly into the distributed jar it will be hard (but possible) to override the default configuration.
If I put the resources outside the resources directory I couldn't figure out how deploy it.
Depended projects won't get the configuration if I can't deploy it to a remote repo :-(.

The remote-resources plug-in looks somehow like what I need -  but the documentation is not
that good. Couldn't really use it by now. If I'm right this plug-in should allow to deploy

I'd find it cool to be able to specify 

"Project-X.jar depends on Project-A-resources-1.0.SNAPSHOT.jar"
"Project-X1.jar depends on Project-B-resources-1.0.SNAPSHOT.jar"
"Project-X2.jar depends on Project-A-resources-1.0.SNAPSHOT.jar"

Is this a feature I have to wait for or did I overlook a really simple solution?

PS: Does anybody know how to deploy an assembly with the deploy plug-in? Or is this a thing
"not to do".

Best regards,

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