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From Dirk Olmes <>
Subject Re: Generate Version class
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 10:21:39 GMT
Francois Fernandes wrote:
> Yes, you're right. But the problem is that our jar is not the only one
> on the classpath. That means that it is hard to ensure that we're
> loading the right manifest file to read the version. (btw. we're placing
> version information already inside this jar.)
> Loading resources even inside files causes us some trouble as we've got
> to support applets in very restrictive environments and different VMs
> (including Microsoft). That means that using a class is the most simple
> and stable way to gain version information of our product.

Another idea would be to use the maven-exec-plugin as part of the build
process to generate the version class. Or you could try and give the ant
plugin a go ...


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