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From "Jeff Mutonho" <>
Subject Re: Could this be an xdoclet-maven-plugin issue?
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 08:33:43 GMT
I used XML Spy to validate the generated  hbm.xml  files  and found
out that indeed
one of my hbm.xml , namely Person.hbm.xml , file is failing validation
in XML Spy .The offending part is "unique" attribute which appears
twice in the following entry :

These hbm.xml files are being generated using the xdoclet tool.I'm
using both Ant and Maven to build my application's  ear files.The ear
file build by Ant  deploys successfully even and the Maven one fails ,
even though  they both have the same NOT-WELL formed Person.hbm.xml.
Initially I thought there's a difference in version between the dom4j
jars in the ear files , but both are using the same one ,
How then is it possible that the NOT-WELL formed   Person.hbm.xml
passes validation  in the Ant generated ear file , but fails in the
Maven generated ear file?What could I be over looking here?

Why is xdoclet generating  the two "unique" fields ? The code looks like :

     * @return the contact details linked to the person
     * @hibernate.many-to-one class=""
     * cascade="save-update"
     * column="contactdetails_id" not-null="false" unique="true"
	public ContactDetails getContactDetails() {
		return contactDetails;

	public void setContactDetails(ContactDetails contactDetails) {
		this.contactDetails = contactDetails;

"Don't take the name of root in vain."

Jeff  Mutonho
Cape Town
South Africa

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