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From "Wayne Fay" <>
Subject Re: [ot] JDeveloper genInterface verse Axis wsdl2java
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 16:10:21 GMT
Mick, have you tried creating output from genInterface and Axis and
compared the two? If not, could I ask you do this? I'm curious about
this issue...

I actually got interested in this a bit and used JAD to decompile the
Oracle classes to see what exactly is going on. Here's my analysis:

wsa.jar - GenInterface.class, nothing useful
wsa.jar - WSATask.class, nothing useful
wsa.jar - Processor.class, calls Util.class to do the genInterface work:
            URL wsdlLocation = getWSDLLocation(baseDir, options);
            (new Util()).createInterface(wsdlLocation,
getArgumentWithNameCheck(options, "serviceName"), null,
getFile(options, "mappingFileName", true), getDir(options, "output"),
getCustomTypeMappings(options), getArgument(options, "classpath"),
null, getPackageName(options), getArgument(options,
"valueTypePackagePrefix"), getGenInterfaceConfig(options));
        } else ...

wsa.jar - Util.class, calls SEIG to do the real work:
    public File createInterface(String implClass, String classPath,
File outputDir, boolean writeToPackageDirectory)
        throws IllegalArgumentException, ClassNotFoundException
        ServiceEndpointInterfaceGenerator generator = new
        return generator.generateSEI(implClass, "_Interface",
classPath, writeToPackageDirectory);

wsclient.jar - ServiceEndpointInterfaceGenerator.class, does all the
work of the genInterface task

So arguably, you could probably install/deploy the wsa.jar and
wsclient.jar and create a small Maven2 plugin that would set up the
parameters etc, and call the SEIG.generateSEI() method directly.

Looking at the decompiled code, it seems relatively straight-forward.
But if the output is identical or similar to that produced by Axis, I
don't think its worth the effort.


On 6/12/07, Mick Knutson <> wrote:
> Does anyone know the difference between the 2 wsdl -> java code generators?
> JDeveloper (IDE) wants to use genInterface, yet there seems to be no
> plugin's for it in Maven. Now Axis does have a plugin that works well in
> Maven. Wondering if I can just use Axis instead of genInterface?
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> ---
> Thanks,
> Mick Knutson
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