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From Maria Odea Ching <>
Subject Re: Copy file
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 09:59:59 GMT

Sorry, I misread your previous email. I thought it was about using a 
different config file for every profile.
Anyway, I don't know of any plugin that can be used for what you wanted 
to do..


geirgp wrote:
> Thanks for replying, but I can't see how configuring this plugin can help me
> copy a file during the process-sources phase. What I need is something that
> copies "config-customer1.xml" to "config.xml", and as far as I can see this
> plugin only handles inclusion/exclusion of files within a resource
> directory. 
> Maria Odea Ching-2 wrote:
>> In each of your profiles, you could define a separate <build> block 
>> which contains which resources you want to be included in each profile 
>> (using the <includes> and <excludes> tags).
>> You may want to take a look at this..
>> Btw, the resources:resources goal of the maven-resources-plugin is 
>> already bound to Maven's process-resources phase so when you do' mvn 
>> install', its already executed.. you need not execute 'mvn 
>> resources:resources'.
>> -Deng
>> Geir Gullestad Pettersen wrote:
>>> Is there a plugin to copy a specified file during the build process?
>>> In src/main/resources I have "config-customer1.xml", 
>>> "config-customer2.xml",
>>> "...3" and so on.. Depending on which profile I activate when running 
>>> Maven
>>> I need one of these files to be copied to 
>>> "src/main/resources/config.xml" so
>>> that the correct config for the given customer is used. Is that possible?
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