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From "Lacoste, Dana" <>
Subject RE: Newbie Question: How do I represent my current Ant builds with Maven?
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 17:27:50 GMT
(extra info deleted to save space)

Once again, I'm far from the right person to provide "should" answers to
but as I understand it, maven really wants
ratios.  As in a single directory should build exactly one thing.


I do this kind of thing in several areas: build a .jar and a .zip that
everything up in the same directory.

So it _can_ be done, but as I understand it, it's not "best practice".

The only catch (that I can see) is that the various published elements
have to have
different extensions (or different "<classifier>" tags) so that there's
no naming

So it should definitely be possible to do what you want: make your pom
build the .jar,
then add the assembly code and package that up as a .zip and you'd have
both published
to your repository.  It will work fine and reliable.  But it's not "the
way you're
supposed to do it" if that makes sense....

Dana Lacoste

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From: Danny MacMillan
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 3:43 PM
To: Maven Users List
Subject: Re: Newbie Question: How do I represent my current Ant builds
with Maven?

> Something like:
> Parent\pom.xml         <- placeholder, effectively
>        jar1\pom.xml    <- generates your .jar
>        war1\pom.xml    <- generates your .war
>        dist1\pom.xml   <- generates an assembly putting all the pieces
> together
>        dist1\dist.xml  <- descriptor
> (
>        dist1\resources <- "flat" files needed in your assembly, 
> referred to in the pom

Would it be 'wrong' to merge the jar1 and dist1 folders (in your
example) and their corresponding poms together?  The rationale for this
question is that the jar being produced is nothing on its own.  It's not
a library or a shared component of any kind.  Its reason for being is to
provide an executable, which by its nature requires the contents of the
resources directory.  My prejudicial response to what you outline is
that it seems kind of complicated, but I'm open minded and happy to
revise my opinion if I understand the value in the split.

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