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From "Tamás Cservenák" <>
Subject Re: Re : Proximity
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:02:48 GMT

Proximity is not able to "receive" artifacts on URL
http://localhost:8080/px-webapp-default-1.0.0-RC8/repository (that
evaluates in this case to
This servlet is the "repository" servlet that is RO only and offers
"view" to users and M2 itself.

I will try to explain using DEMO site:

Currently, with RC8 the only deployment way is via DAV or using some "bypass".


You have to address the group, where you want to deploy. This might be
bad, if you have multiple resposes in same group, but it works with
"factory" configuration.

Publish onto underlying FS, by publishing it over FTP or SFTP....

Hope helps,

On 4/20/07, Wayne Fay <> wrote:
> Perhaps check your web/app server/Proximity log files and see why its
> returning error 500. This is a pretty generic error message. You might
> not be able to diagnose this from Maven's side.
> Wayne

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