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From "Andreas Guther" <>
Subject Maven release plug-in and SNAPSHOT dependencies
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2007 15:59:20 GMT
We are using the Maven 2 release plug-in for our release process.  

The plug-in checks for SNAPSHOT dependencies and refuses to proceed in
case it finds a SNAPSHOT dependency.  This makes perfectly sense and is
what is desired.

What I do not understand is the fact that it also checks in my reporting
section and if it finds there a SNAPSHOT dependency it applies the same
rule.  The reporting is not needed or used for a release.  My problem is
that we are using the stat-scm plug-in for our reports which is not
available as a full version, only as a SNAPSHOT.

Is there a way to tell the release plug-in to ignore specific profiles
or for example the reporting section for its SNAPSHOT dependency checks?


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