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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject Site Skin : Ability to select "properties" in XDOC files
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2007 15:11:22 GMT

in Maven1 in an XDOC file I could do 

and then I could use these additional properties within site.jsl to add 
multiple levels of horizontal navigation to my site. In Maven1 I could 
extract the property of the XDOC file within site.jsl via
<j:set var="jpoxpage_param">
    <x:expr select="./properties/myownproperty"/>

In trying to move this site config to Maven2 and writing a "site.vm" is there 
a way to do this now ? or does Doxia (assuming that is what processes the 
site.vm) only cater for $title, $author ? Is there some $properties maybe ? 
Is there some doc defining *what* I can get out of an XDOC file ? 

Thanks in advance

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