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From "Arne Styve" <>
Subject Adding JARs and DLLs to a repository (RXTX)...
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 14:51:01 GMT

I'm relativly new to maven2, but have set up a company repository to store
3rd party JARs not found (or that I haven't been able to find) in the
central repository, as well as our own JAR-files that w use accross

This works fine for any 100% Pure Java JARs, but I have some problems
figuring out how to store JARs that comes with a DLL or two, like the
RxTx-library for serial communication (RS232). Anyone got any good
suggestions on how to store both the JAR-file (rxtx-2.1.jar) and it's two
DLLs (rxtxSerial.dll and rxtxParallell.dll) in a maven2 repository ? Also
how do I get Maven to fetch the DLLs in addition to the JAR file from the
repository ? And finally, when deploying the final application, how do I get
the DLLs to end up in the correct place ? (Is it possible to pack the DLLs
into my JAR file ?

Any input would be of great help!


Arne Styve

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