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From "Philippe Kernevez" <>
Subject RE: Using the POM classpath for integration testing
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 17:35:46 GMT
Hi Eric,

Do you speak about the fitnesse-maven-plugin ? I suppose that's the case.

The plugin doesn't use the POM dependencies because they are supposed to be
specified in the Fitnesse page. 
The plugin provides a solution to change the server classpath (with string
substitution), this allows to have an unix fitnesse server and to run the
tests on a windows plateform.
I didn't write any documentation yet :-( But, this is my next task.
You may yet find an example with this sample:

The <classPathSubstitutions> tag allows configuring the plugin for this use.

You can also add dependencies to your plugin (like Fitnesse), they will be
add to Fitnesse dependencies. In your case, you will have to define twice
your dependency, and it wont be nice.

We could and a tag to know if we want to add the current project
dependencies to FitNesse. 

Does it answer to your question?

Philippe Kernevez

(Did we meet in Paris in SITI project ?)


-----Original Message-----
From: Eric Torreborre [] 
Sent: jeudi 1 mars 2007 07:46
Subject: Using the POM classpath for integration testing

I have written a simple maven plugin that runs Fitnesse pages during the
integration-test phase.
However, it looks like this plugin, when executed, does not find the
classes that should be provided by the POM (along with dependencies).
Is there is configuration that should be done, in order to make the
plugin aware of the POM classes?
I am certainly missing something very simple, I just don't know what!
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