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From <>
Subject RE: Single module project --> fails to find organization POM
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 16:40:52 GMT
-->  > 2 - My central mirror is configured to a URL of http://webdev1:8080/px-webapp-1.0.0-alpha2/repository.
 The organizational pom m2 couldn't find is available at http://webdev1:8080/px-webapp-1.0.0-alpha2/repository/gov/usitc/usitc/1.0-SNAPSHOT/usitc-1.0-SNAPSHOT.pom.
 Why didn't m2 find that organizational pom via the central mirror.


As soon as I walked away from my computer last week I realized what the source of my problem
was.  I am fairly certain that m2 won't retrieve snapshots from central.  Our organizational
POM is still a snapshot .  Hence, m2 did not try to pick it up from the central mirror url.
 So at the end of the day I need to have at least one another repo configured in the settings.xml
file for our internal snapshots.  In short, I am a donkey!

I will need to sit down with some of our other developers and see how we want to structure
our proximity groups.  Probably along the lines of:

public (central mirror and repos for all public releases incl ext-free and ext-non-free)
Inhouse (in house releases)
Public snapshot (apache and codehaus snapshot mirrors)
Inhouse snapshot

We may just collapse it to two groups, snapshot and release.  Not sure if the finer grained
control will help.


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