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From Ryan Cuprak <>
Subject Maven Question
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 18:12:00 GMT
  I did a presentation on Maven last night at the Connecticut Java  
Users Group (
  There were a couple questions that I couldn't answer:

> 1) I've already got a large multi-module Idea project. How do I  
> convert that to a POM (or multiple POMs)? Do I have to create the  
> POM by hand in text editor?

  Would this person have to refactor the project and hand edit the pom?

> 3) The tricky part about third party libs is that I need the source  
> code, too, for debugging, even though I want build against the  
> distributed jar. In the past, source code for Mavenized libs hasn't  
> been supported too well. Has this changed, and is it it now common  
> to get source code when you grab a Mavenized project?

Any solution for this? I have seen anything for this digging around.

BTW: Maven was very well received.


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