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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Surefire 2.3 Released
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 04:27:12 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Maven Surefire,  
version 2.3.

Release notes:

** Bug
     * [SUREFIRE-49] - Surefire leaves null/$TestNGGroupName  
directories after mvn test
     * [SUREFIRE-53] - context classloader not always reset to  
original values
     * [SUREFIRE-54] - Remove use of parent classloader in  
surefirebooter but keep TestNG support working
     * [SUREFIRE-99] - Surefire plugin fails if JUnit is not available
     * [SUREFIRE-101] - Plugin not longer sets system properties when  
forking is on and debugging information is not correct
     * [SUREFIRE-105] - Documentation link on website does not point  
to surefire parameter docs
     * [SUREFIRE-106] - Classloading problem for getting a resource
     * [SUREFIRE-113] - surefire-providers-2.0.pom contains strange  
dependencies which generate error
     * [SUREFIRE-114] - Surefire plugin throws NoSuchMethodException  
when errors occur during TestSetup decorator
     * [SUREFIRE-120] - When you <include> a JUnit TestSuite (with no  
test methods), no tests are run
     * [SUREFIRE-122] - With forkmode once, XML reports are cumulative
     * [SUREFIRE-123] - SurefireBooter can initialize classloader  
with badly formed URLs
     * [SUREFIRE-125] - Surefire finds test classes but ignores test  
methods and configuration methods with TestNG and includes tag
     * [SUREFIRE-127] - Wrong issue-site URL on website
     * [SUREFIRE-263] - Source repository information on the web site  
is out of date

** Improvement
     * [SUREFIRE-31] - support junit 4.0
     * [SUREFIRE-134] - Display location of test failures/errors on  
     * [SUREFIRE-135] - when fork is enabled, Surefire should use the  
same JVM running Maven (i.e. use java.home sysprop), rather than  
expecting java to be in the system PATH
     * [SUREFIRE-138] - Add option to redirect stdout from tests to a  

** New Feature
     * [SUREFIRE-129] - add a property to skip tests execution (but  
not tests compilation)

** Task
     * [SUREFIRE-133] - Review Plugin Documentation

Note: a 2.4 release is being worked on immediately to resolve some  
issues with TestNG. This release is being made available to users  
having the above problems before that work begins.

- The Maven Team

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