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From Hal Hildebrand <>
Subject [m2] repository assembly and snapshots
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 00:03:03 GMT
Since my other question remains unanswered (regarding repository assembly
and multi-module projects), I'm using the brittle route, which is to create
a sub module and include in the pom all the dependencies to build the

I have a lot of xxx-1.0-SNAPSHOT dependencies.  Some of these get stored in
the assembly jar as xxx-1.0-SNAPSHOT.  Others, however, get stored as
xxx-1.0-20070120.190641-126.  I understand that this is the internal
snapshot mechanism of Maven and the suffixes are timestamps.  The question,
is whether I can force the assembly plugin to use "SNAPSHOT" rather than the

Anyone have any suggestions?  The reason why this is critical is that I have
code loading these jars using the "SNAPSHOT" suffix.  This means that the
timestamp will bone this lookup scheme.

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