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From "Wayne Fay" <>
Subject Re: war plugin for content managment
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 16:38:45 GMT
The M2 Cargo plugin is useful for "deploying things". So once you have
a release cut, I'd log into PROD and do a Cargo deploy, or perhaps
even do the deploy right from the build machine if you find that Cargo
supports remote deploy for your specific container.


On 1/9/07, Todd Nine <> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I have a bit of a different situation for building, and I'd like some
> input from the community on the best approach.  Here is my problem.  I will
> have 2 servers.  1 in production and 1 testing web.  The servers contain an
> webapp that needs to be installed in the root context.  Our webmaster will
> be editing the JSP's using dreamweaver and adobe contribute.  I will be
> writing code that will need to be deployed with the webapp.  I was thinking
> that I could install maven on our test web system and use the following
> flow.
>   1. Webmaster logs in and executes mvn scm:update.
>   2. execute mvn war:inplace
>   3. Webmaster edits content
>   4. Once they're ready to push, perform a mvn scm:update.  Should I
>   always have them perform a scm:add first?
>   5. execute mvn clean release:clean release:prepare
>   6. execute a mvn release:perform
> Now this is where I'm stuck.  Hopefully this process will create a war (with
> pre-compiled Jsp files) and deploy it to our internal repository.  Now, is
> there a way I can have the release plugin push to our production server, or
> how would I use maven on our production server to automatically download a
> specified version and push it to tomcat?
> Thanks,
> Todd

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