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From "Mark Hobson" <>
Subject Re: Jar classpath order
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 11:38:28 GMT
On 08/12/06, Marco Di Cesare <> wrote:
> I've looking through the archives and haven't found the answer I am
> looking for.
> We have a scenario where we are using some older Spring Jars with one of
> our projects that we are converting to use Maven 2. We use the standard
> spring Jar and the spring sand box Jar. The problem is that there is an
> org.springframework.util.Assert class in each of those Jars. However,
> those two Assert classes are different, specifically they have
> incompatible method signatures. The correct Assert class is the one in
> the spring jar, not the one in the spring sand box jar. It appears that
> Maven 2 has an arbitrary classpath order but the spring sand box Jar
> always seems to come first in the classpath and the wrong Assert class
> is loaded. This problem rears it's heading during unit testing so we
> keep getting NoSuchMethodError's. Can anyone confirm whether we are SOL
> or if there is a solution that solves this?

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