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From Christian Kölle <>
Subject AW: [M2] Local offline repo maintenance (unique clean + clone)
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2006 13:18:32 GMT

Reinhard: thanks for your response and support.

I will consider setting up a company wide scopen repository.


The invalid POMs are not that annoying anymore: I used to have a
CODEHAUS-JXR-report plugin defined. It finally appeared that it has been
replaced by a APACHE-JXR-plugin. So I switched to the following definition:


With this report-plugin defintition, I still get a note, that there are
invalid poms, but there are no runtime-errors during JXR-reporting anymore.
-- For me, it finally seems to be best practice, to define all plugins
always with version information.


Reinhard Nägele wrote:
| I don't think it is a good idea to deploy artifacts which are not
| available on the Web to your local repository. You should really set
| up a separate one for those. The local repository is nothing you
| should actively manage, and you should be able to delete it any time.
| The extra repository would be easy to pass on to your successor.
| Plus, you won't probably get these pom errors anymore.     
| Reinhard
| -----Original Message-----
| From: Christian Kölle []
| Sent: Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2006 02:41
| To: 'Maven Users List'
| Subject: [M2] Local offline repo maintenance (unique clean + clone)
| Hello everyone,
| I am using maven standalone, i.e. via local repo on my machine with
| noone else. I have many libraries in the repo, which are not
| retrieveable via internet. There is no company internal repo. The
| following issues might seem be relatively unique to you.   
| Problem 1:
| Once in a while, I get plenty invalid POMs
| Background 1:
| When I am in the office, i get a WLAN-connection but no access to the
| Internet. If I forget to switch Maven to the offline mode, it smashes
| all the POMs of manually added libraries, as some scrap-page is
| downloaded. As a consequese, I get many 'Invalid POM errors', e.g.
| during 'mvn site:stage' usage. Deleting the smashed POMs by hand
| helps but it is far to often to not be annoying.     
| Question1:
| I there a cleaning mechanism, which would help me to get rid of all
| invalid POMs? Any other hints? 
| #
| Question 2:
| Is there something like a copier-plugin, which would enable me to
| clone the repo but only with those jars, which are not retrieveable
| via internet?  
| Background 2:
| I am leaving my employer end January. The repo is very big. It would
| be nice to leave my successor a 'small' repository-clone somewhere
| (e.g. svn) which would contain all the manually added libraries. -- I
| might not get all the manually added dependencies with the
| project-referring dependency-copier plugins.    
| Any ideas, suggestions? Thx in advance.
| Regards
| Christian
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