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From Xavier Outhier <>
Subject [m2] Unable to change Checkstyle configuration file: path problem
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 11:25:32 GMT
Hi all,

I'm using the Checkstyle plug-in and it works perfect with default
or predefined.

1) But I would like to try another config file from JJGuidelines.
I try to change to checkstyle-jjguidelines.xml by modifying the pom like 

  </reporting>'ve added the checkstyle-jjguidelines.xml in

I put the checkstyle-jjguidelines.xml and checkstyle-jjguidelines.jar
in my project directory and it found it but I got the error:

[INFO] Generate "Checkstyle" report.
[INFO] Error during page generation
Embedded error: Error rendering Maven report: Failed during checkstyle 
Unable to instantiate usage.UnusedLocalVariableCheck

I suppose it comes from that:
"within the compile scope of the dependencies or build extensions 
There is a class with name "UnusedLocalVariableCheck" in the jar.

Where should I put the checkstyle-jjguidelines.jar?
What should I add in my pom.xml or settings.xml?

2) I would like also to know where are located the 4 predefined config 
file listed
on the Customization page:

Thank you,


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