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From Gisbert Amm <>
Subject Re: [M2] FindBugs Plugin: How to generate XML file?
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 07:29:02 GMT

However, as said before, the problem is already reported in


Mick Knutson wrote:
> Can I see how you configured your FindBugs in Maven 2 please?
> On 10/12/06, Gisbert Amm <> wrote:
>> Does anybody know how I can persuade the Maven2 FindBugs Plugin to let
>> Findbugs generate an XML file containing its results into the target
>> directory in addition to the HTML report in target/site?
>> The Maven1 Findbugs Plugin automagically generates a file named
>> findbugs-raw-report.xml into the target directory during maven site.
>> I cannot find any information about how to achieve that with Maven2
>> neither on
>> nor on
>> I tried  <generateXml>true</generateXml> in the <configuration>
>> as it is for the Clover Plugin but of course that didn't work.
>> What I want is to use this option of Findbugs:
>> -xml
>>      Produce the bug reports as XML. The XML data produced may be viewed
>> in the GUI at a later time. You may also specify this option as
>> -xml:withMessages; when this variant of the option is used, the XML
>> output will contain human-readable messages describing the warnings
>> contained in the file.
>> ( 
>> )
>> Any pointer or help would be highly appreciated.
>> -Gisbert

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