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From Alexandre Touret <>
Subject How to use ant-contrib inside an ant plugin?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 10:19:45 GMT
I would like to use the for loop developed in ant-contrib inside an ant 
Unfortunately I always have the same error when I try to load the target 

[INFO] Failed to execute: Executing Ant script: 
/net/java/dev/maven/oasplugin/oa [_bottomup-assemble-annotations]: Failed to execute.

Could not create task or type of type: for.

Ant could not find the task or a class this task relies upon.

This is common and has a number of causes; the usual
solutions are to read the manual pages then download and
install needed JAR files, or fix the build file:
 - You have misspelt 'for'.
   Fix: check your spelling.
 - The task needs an external JAR file to execute
     and this is not found at the right place in the classpath.
   Fix: check the documentation for dependencies.
   Fix: declare the task.
 - The task is an Ant optional task and the JAR file and/or libraries
     implementing the functionality were not found at the time you
     yourself built your installation of Ant from the Ant sources.
   Fix: Look in the ANT_HOME/lib for the 'ant-' JAR corresponding to the
     task and make sure it contains more than merely a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF.
     If all it contains is the manifest, then rebuild Ant with the needed
     libraries present in ${ant.home}/lib/optional/ , or alternatively,
     download a pre-built release version from


How may I include this dependency in the classpath inside my plugin ?
I also tried to add the dependency in the plugin mojo description  as 


Thanks in advance for your help!!
Alexandre Touret

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