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From "Andreas Guther" <>
Subject [M2] Classifier removed during packaging
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 18:42:30 GMT
I have the following situation with Maven 2, classifier usage, and
packaging to a war file:

The classified jar file is correctly downloaded from repository but ends
in the war file without the classifier part in the jar file name.

I.e. in my local repository I get the dependency
"something-1.0-classified.jar" downloaded but in the war file I get only
"something-1.0.jar".  I expected to see the something-1.0-classified.jar
file in the war.  The strange thing is that our repositories do not
contain the classifier-less jar file at all.

I went through the Maven debug output of the build process and during
the compile phase the file with the classifier is downloaded from the
repository and put on the compile path as expected.

But during the Assembling the classifier in the name seems to get
removed and the debug output reads Processing: something-1.0.jar

I am not sure if this behavior is intentional or if I do something

Can someone tell me if this is by design?  If not, I at least know that
I have to dig more into the issue. 

Thanks in advance,


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