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From "Stefano Fornari" <>
Subject Re: JavaCC plug-in and multiple grammar files
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 09:55:40 GMT
> did not find your attached pom.
sorry.... here is the pom ...

> You can however run the javacc plugin multiple times with different
> configurations (output dir/package).
I guess you mean with also different source dir, otherwise it would
not work anyway, would it?

What instead about making the plugin using the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY option
inside the jj. I am thinking of appending it (if specified) to the
output directory. Something like the attached code.

What do the others think? Would it be a change that may worth to be
contributed back? How can I contribute it to the JavaCC project?


Stefano Fornari - Funambol Chief Architect / Funambol CTO




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