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From "Marco Mistroni" <>
Subject Re: maven2 / xdoclet plugin and strutsconfigxml
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 14:51:46 GMT
hello remy,
 i'll try to answer ur questions, but i feel i m not the best guy to explain
that classpath behaviour

On 9/18/06, Rémy Sanlaville <> wrote:
> Hello Marco,
> You help me a lot, it works now, many thanks !
> But I still have some questions :
> (1) I tried also to use the antrun plugin without success.
> I used this classpath (that works with ant).
> <path id ="xdoclet.classpath">
>   <fileset dir="C:/Tools/XDoclet/v1.2.3/lib">
>       <include name="*.jar"/>
>   </fileset>
> </path>
> <taskdef
>     name        = "webdoclet"
>     classname    = "xdoclet.modules.web.WebDocletTask"
>     classpathref= "xdoclet.classpath"
> />
> But if I use the maven.dependency.classpath as you, it works well !
> Strange no ?!

Well, it would not surprise me if in your fileset
> /lib" you are missing some jars...... cos theoretically if  in that lib
> dir you have

all jars needed by xdoclet, it should have worked just fine

>     name        = "webdoclet"
>     classname    = "xdoclet.modules.web.WebDocletTask"
>     classpathref= "maven.dependency.classpath"
> />

this i m sure it works becaue in my dependencies there is all that xdoclet
need to run the task.
If in your lib directory you h ave all xdoclet-xxx-module.jar as well as
xjavadoc, i see no reason of why your code above hsould not work
again,, any maven expert here can condraddict and give feedback, i m no
guru...i have just learned things from trying them out (and failing :) )

(2) In order to don't put the xdoclet dependencies in the WEB-INF/lib, I
> wanted
> to use the maven.plugin.classpath (see [1]), but it seems that it does not
> exist any more
>    > Embedded error: Reference maven.plugin.classpath not found.
> It is normal ?
> It is not possible also to use the scope provided because the
> maven.dependency.classpath
> don't take into account this scope.

mmm, this scopes confuse me too... in your dependencies, try to put
this assumes that at runtime those libraries are alredy present (if i m
correct), and thus maven won't include them in yoru war (it worked for me
while building an .ear..)

(3) Why are you the packaging phase insteed of the generate-sources phase ?
> <execution>
>     <phase>package</phase>

ah! ignore it...i had problems wtih dependencies.... but it might have been
due to the fact that i had incorrect classpath
it should work also with <phase>generate-sources</phase>
but i haven't tried....have no time unfortunately.....  i m not using maven
at work, so i have to use it in my spare time and nowadays i have very
little spare time
you might want to try and see if you have classpath problem....


Thanks again,
> Rémy
> [1]

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