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From Markus KARG <>
Subject Re: Who is the maintainer of the fop:fop project found on
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 05:39:18 GMT
Jörg Schaible schrieb:

>>>>Well, probably the development community of the Apache Fop project
>>>>can help you. Check the project site [1].
>>>I have asked them.
>>>They don't know.
>>>They even didn't know that FOP is available on that repository.
>>>So someone just put it up there without their knowledge!
>>Don't be afraid to make
>>fop-0.20.5.markus1 in your repo that fixes bugs in those poms (and
>>send the 
>>fixed poms to
>>their dev list).
That's why I asked for the name of the Maintainer. The FOP developers 
are not the FOP-POM authors. So back to the roots (see subject of this 
thread): Who is the author of the pom.xml file found at

>>This does not help, since it is no POM issue! Maven may select the version declared
in the POM but it does not have to. So it is quite brain dead for any library to define a
fix classpath in the manifest. Do the devs know with which other libs and deps they're users
have to be compatible? E.g. we're running FOP with complete different avalon artifacts ...
That's wrong. Maven automatically creates the correct Class-Path 
attributes in the manifest, and it's up to the fop team to decide what 
third party library versions to use. But yes, there is one exception. 
FOP has declared some libraries that are not needed in the Class-Path 
because J2SE already has factories for that (e. g. XML parser). It was 
wrong by FOP to hard-code e. g. those libraries in the Class-Path while 
actually its up to the user to adjust the wanted vendor and version by 
using the J2SE factory customization. But for all other libraries it 
MUST be the FOP author's decision to choose a vendor and version, since 
he must assert that the FOP code is able to run with, since users do not 
know otherwise what third party stuff is needed. That's what the 
Class-Path was invented and standardized for (see JAR MANIFEST 


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