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From Ståle Undheim <>
Subject Re: Excluding artifact from assemblys dependencySet
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 13:50:00 GMT
dan tran wrote:
> use exclude
>  <dependencySets>
>    <dependencySet>
>      ....
>      <excludes>
>        <exclude>commons-lang:commons-lang</exclude>
>        <exclude>log4j:log4j</exclude>
>      </excludes>
>    </dependencySet>
>    ....
>  </dependencySets>

I used excludes, but thought it was filename. It worked when I changed
to <groupId>:<artifactId>. But my next things still remain. I have tried
using release:prepare and release:perform, and got them working, tagging
SVN, and creating javadoc and source jars.

However I have no clue about when and how the javadoc and source jars
are created, or how I can create these before the assembly so I can
deploy them into my finished tar.gz package.

I want to do my outmost to use maven plugins and use defaults, but maybe
the solution is to use ant for creating the actual packages to be

> On 9/19/06, Ståle Undheim <> wrote:
>> I have a simple project that produces 1 jar (no child modules), and 3
>> dependencies. I want to produce an assembly that looks something like
>> this:
>> lib/dependency1.jar
>> lib/dependency2.jar
>> lib/dependency3.jar
>> doc/javadoc
>> project-version.jar
>> project-version-src.jar
>> I have the following defined in my assembly.xml:
>> <dependencySets>
>>    <dependencySet>
>>      <outputDirectory>lib</outputDirectory>
>>    </dependencySet>
>> </dependencySets>
>> The problem is that my project-version.jar is also included in the lib
>> folder. There is text on the assembly web-page that you can create a
>> project as I have illustrated above, but no examples of how.
>> I havent looked into doing the src jar or the javadoc part yet, and I
>> dont see anything in the assembly documentation about doing things like
>> that. Anyone able to point me in the right direction regarding this?
>> assembly:assembly doesnt seem to invoke the building of javadoc.
>> I also need to figure out how the assembly plugin relates to a release
>> and upload.

Ståle Undheim

Tlf.:   +47 51 97 85 97

"Simple is beautiful"

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