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From Ståle Undheim <>
Subject Re: From multiple source folders pr. project to one
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:28:18 GMT
How do I then i part2 define a dependency on part1?
Is it possible to inherit the version from the parentProj to the part1
and part2 projects so I dont have to synchronize it on all levels?

Adrian Shum wrote:
> normally have something like
> parentProj/
> parentProj/part1
> parentProj/part2
> parentProj/part3
> parentProj/part4
> parentProj have a POM containing the 4 modules
> and in POM of each module, defines its dependency there
> e.g. in part4, add <dependency> to make it depends on part1, part2, part3
> so when u build at parentProj, everything will get build in correct order.
> I remember there is an article talking on the way to convert such kind of project
> into eclipse project (but I forgot where I saw it  :P ).  U may have a search on that.
> Adrian
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> From: Stale Undheim []
> Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 4:49 PM
> To: Maven User-list
> Subject: From multiple source folders pr. project to one
> I am currently looking into converting our projects that are now using
> ant and alot of custom ant scripts, into using maven. I also wish to use
> mavens default layouts rather than our old one.
> Our old projects might look like this:
> src/part1
> src/part2
> src/part3
> src/part4
> part1 might then have no dependencies, part2 and part3 depends on part1,
> and part4 depends on all the other src folders. Turning this into maven
> projects, I assume the correct way of doing it is to have 1 project for
> each part, each project being of type jar (as 1 source folder gets
> turned into 1 jar).
> How do I define dependencies here? Do I need to make a super project
> that includes the others? That, to me at least, would not fix the inter
> dependencies of the source folders. If I use the <modules> tag in any of
> part2, part3 or part4 projects, I need to change the project type to pom.
> Alternativly I will need to build by installing part1, then part2 and so
> on in order, and depending on the jar themselves. But as I would like to
> release my project in 1 tar.gz with 4 jars, this seems like its not
> doable to me.
> I would also like to turn part1-4 into 4 projects in eclipse (since
> eclipse doesnt have sub-projects), with their dependencies set. But I
> dont think this should be a problem with the eclipse plugin in maven.

Ståle Undheim

Tlf.:   +47 51 97 85 97

"Simple is beautiful"

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