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From Marc Ch├ętelat ML>
Subject dependency-maven-plugin question
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 20:22:46 GMT
Hi all,

I m currently migrating from Ant 1.6.5 to Maven 2.0.4 a project with 
multiple modules as follow :

<Project root path> (pom.xml with each subdirectory as <module>)
|--- applet
|--- sharedlib
|--- ejbmodule-jar
|--- webapp1-war
|--- webapp2-war
|--- finalpackage-ear

With the help of Geoffrey (thanks users@maven mailing-list) I used the 
plugin "dependency-maven-plugin" from Mojo to compile the applet and 
then copy it in a webapp. Here's a part of the pom.xml of webapp1:


To build the all, I always typed "mvn package" from the <project root 
directory> ... but since the dependency-maven-plugin, I must install the 
applet module with typing "mvn install" ... if not, Maven try to 
download the package from the repositories...
Other issue, sharedlib.jar module is defined as a <dependency> for the 
webapp1-war module and then put in the WEB-INF/lib directory of the war 
package. But for this it's work without installing the sharedlib in the 
local repository...

My questions are: With my comprehension of Maven, I don't have to 
install a "module" of my project in the local respository... isn't it? 
Or is my comprehension wrong? ... or perhaps I m using the plugin wrong? 
or... have you another solution to use the command "mvn package" and 
build my project to get a marvelous ear file and deploy it on my server?

Thanks in advance for any helps!


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