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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: SCM, changelog and subversion
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 14:39:48 GMT

Rémy Sanlaville a écrit :
>> > Any ideas for the point (1)
>> > (1) I don't find too much documentation that explain the scm section.
>> >     Don't you have a link ?
> Nice, but i found any references that explain the scm section in the
> pom.xmland particularly the developerConnection node and how to manage
> it if you
> have several developer.

if you have one or several developer, the scm url is the same is you don't put a username
in it. It 
isn't necessary with svn because username/password.
If you want to add a username different for each developper in scm url, you can user a property
${username} and you define it in your settings.xml

> Else I tried the maven-changelog-plugin. It's very nice.
> I don't know if it is normal but I noticed
>  - If I want to regenerate change log reports (because I changed the
> configuration...), I need to clean the project before else the reports is
> not update.

it isn't updated so the connection to the scm is saved.
In my opinion, using a clean build is a good practice.

>  - I have to add the <developers> section in my pom for the Developer
> Activity Report else this report is empty.

developers are necessary, because we use them in the 3 reports of changelog plugin. But instead
an empty screen, we must have a text that explain that no developers are in pom. Can you file
issue for this?


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