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From berndq <>
Subject Re: Reproducing maven builds versus auto updating maven.
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 16:28:19 GMT


looking at reproducable builds, I would consider auto updating of
anything as a bug. WDYT?


> I recently gave a quick hands on introductions to Maven (v2) at the
> company I'm currently consulting at. The company is now interested in
> testing maven out in a project. There are two major and related concerns
> I have though with using maven:
> 1.	Maven updates itself at a regular basis. Occasionally an update
> seems to break maven. It has happened once to me, but I know of another
> person who says it has happened more than once. I assume there is a way
> to tell maven not to update itself, correct? If so, how?
> 2.	Another problem is if we use maven to build an application
> today, and then two years need to come back to the code and make
> changes, how can we be sure we can still build it? How do we preserve
> the build environment for each maven project?
> Any help/info greatly appreciated.
> /Scott

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