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From Ralph Pöllath <>
Subject Re: [m2] eclipse:eclipse and eclipse 3.2 projects within a projectsupport.
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 08:46:25 GMT
On 17.08.2006, at 10:24, Nicolas De Loof wrote:
> I use hierarchical projects in eclipse myself. Import wizard  
> doesn't search sub-directories if the top-directory has a .project  
> file.
> I had to delete the .project generated during checkout before  
> importing all sub-projects in one click. Then I can restore  
> the .project and import the top level project. Please notice this  
> creates a freeze when using SVN and subclipse. This bug has been  
> reported to subclipse devs but doesn't seem to get more interest.

Are you talking about subclipse issue 511( http:// ) ? If so, people  
interested in having this fixed should probably create an account on and vote for this issue.

In the meantime, it might be worth giving Subversive a try ( http:// ). It's  
an open source subversion plugin for eclipse, just like subclipse.


> Max Cooper a écrit :
>> I, too, have been anxiously awaiting hierarchical project support  
>> in Eclipse. And I thought that it was going to be available in  
>> Eclipse 3.2.
>> But this feature was omitted from the Eclipse 3.2 release. The  
>> feature is not available yet.
>> -Max
>> Barrie Treloar wrote:
>>> With Eclipse 3.2 I was lead to believe you could create projects
>>> within projects, so that I could checkout a maven project that
>>> contains modules and wire that up in Eclipse correctly.  Instead of
>>> manually checking out the modules as I did under Eclipse 3.1.
>>> I am able to manually add the project in Eclipse via File ->  
>>> Import ->
>>> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace and use the module
>>> directoy as the value for "Select root directory".
>>> The project then appears in the "Projects" list for importing.
>>> If I select the project root then there are no projects to choose  
>>> from.
>>> I thought that the snapshot version of the eclipse:eclipse plugin  
>>> had
>>> the functionality to do this for me, but it is not working how I
>>> expect.  I assume I am doing something wrong. Should mvn
>>> eclipse:eclipse at the project root do what I expect?
>>> Any help appreciated.
>>> Bae

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