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From Ralph Pöllath <>
Subject Re: [m2] Same output dir for maven and eclipse?
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:45:35 GMT
On 24.08.2006, at 10:45, Amshoff Christoph, Köln wrote:
> I'm setting up a project where team members could use either Maven2 or
> Eclipse to build the project. Normally, Maven will be used during  
> CI/nightly
> builds and Eclipse by developers.

Same here.

> The question is: where is the particular output of these builds  
> going? Do
> you recommend to use the same output folder for compiled classes of  
> both
> tools, or what are the best practices in this case?

Is there any reason to separate the output folders? We use the maven  
eclipse plugin [1] to generate our eclipse project files, which re- 
uses maven's output directories for eclipse (at least by default).



> If not using the same folder, I wish to put both output folder  
> under target.
> So I would have to configure maven to use target/maven/classes and
> target/maven/test-classes, for example. How do I set the "main" output
> folder used for all build results (classes, test-classes, site, source
> generation, ...)? Setting just "directory" attribute in my POM  
> (Maven docu
> says: "The directory where all files generated by the build are  
> placed") is
> not working, so do I have to set all paths separately?
> Thanks for your hints,
> Christoph.

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