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From Denis McCarthy <>
Subject Attempting to set up a company repository
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 09:13:37 GMT
I'm attempting to set up a company wide repository to hold our 
proprietary plugins and jars. I've got a plugin deploying to a folder on 
a machine running apache over ssh - this is working, even though it 
keeps asking me to type in the password (even though the password is 
defined in the settings.xml)

However, when trying to build using continuum, I get the error:

The plugin 'com.annadaletech.maven.plugin:maven-dbcreate-plugin' does 
not exist or no valid version could be found

It doesn't seem to even attempt to fetch the plugin from the repository. 
I have the repository defined like this in the pom.xml:

			<id>project repository</id>

The plugin is available at this address (under the 
com/annadaletech/maven/plugin directory). Do I have to do something 
extra for maven to download the plugin from the repository?

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