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From Jan Vissers <>
Subject Re: Maven 2.0.4 - multi module reporting
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 14:31:43 GMT
Well... this has been a journey, which appears to have become a deception.
My conclusions after a day trying to figure the reporting (surefire, 
checkstyle, jdepend, javancss,
cobertua, pmd, jxr, changes, changelog) are:

   * multi-module reporting 'out-of-the-box' isn't behaving properly,
         the module links don't show up, so there is no easy way to
         navigate to these locations - where in fact several reports have
         been generated.

   * trying to overcome this issue by setting a staging area for the site,
         only results in several aggregation reports (javadoc/jxr) not being
         populated correctly.

   * report aggregation for multi-module projects is a pain in the ...
         various reports use different ways, to (try) to set aggregation
         only a few actually manage to succeed. In my opinion report
         aggregation for multi-module projects should work straight away.
         Looks like PMD reporting has got the basic idea, in that it 
         for modules for aggregation are automatically performed - but
         maven's behavior gets in the way.

I'll be continuing my tests for maven 2.0.4, next time for basic building
specifics like; install, package, deploy, release.

If anybody has some more information about the multi module reporting status
and how (soon) things will get better - I would definitely like to know!


Jan Vissers wrote:
> I'm evaluating maven 2.0.4 and am wondering what the current 'state' 
> is for multi module reporting. I've read that there are various issues 
> with it. What I like to know is:
> * does multi module reporting (aggregation) work for:
>         - surefire
>         - checkstyle
>         - jdepend
>         - javancss
>         - cobertura
>         - pmd
>         - jxr
> * what are potential issues that I might have when performing reports 
> on multi module projects?
> Thanks.
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