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From Borut Bolčina <>
Subject Re: m2/eclipse/wtp configuration + tapestry
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 16:03:16 GMT
Hello Kev,

I configured Eclipse 3.2, WTP 1.5 and Maven 2.0.4 to play in the same 
band. Here is how I prepared my environment for developing Tapestry web 

   1. Create new Dynamic Web project with Eclipse. Enter src/main/webapp
      for Content Directory. Enter src/main/java for Java Source Directory.
   2. Install Eclipse plugin via Help/Software Updates/Find and Install
   3. Install Eclipse plugin for synchronizing WTP Web App Libraries
      with Maven dependencies (
      also with Software Updates. See for more
      on this sync issue.
   4. Enable your project for Maven2 by right clicking on project and
      choosing Maven2/Enable. Enter POM values, don't forget to set war
      for Packaging. The icon indicating that your project is a WTP
      project will be replaced my small red letter m. Also Maven2
      Dependencies library will show up (empty).
   5. Right click on your project in Package Explorer (I work in Java 
      Perspective) and choose Properties. Find  LibCopy properties in
      the list and  check the only checkbox and be sure that Local
      folder points to src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/lib.
   6. Add dependent library  (say Tapestry) by right clicking the
      project and then Maven2/Add  Dependency. In the dialog type
      tapestry which will show up a list of possible artifacts. Choose
      version 4.0.2 and wait for all jars to download (there should be
      10). Maven2 Dependency library in Package Explorer should now
      contain references to jars in your local maven repository. Also
      Web App Libraries should contain white jar icons with a small
      arrow in the lower right corner.
   7. Configure Tomcat (or any other container) in
      Preferences/Server/Installed Runtime and then attach your project
      to this server instance.
   8. Specific instructions for Tapestry can be found at

You can now change HTML _and_ Java source files without copying anything 
anywhere. This is as rapid as it gets in pro/large web app development 
as far as I can tell. Having HTML designer doing page mockups with 
Dreamweaver _in parallel_ with Tapestry coder, both using Subversion, is 
a winning game but this is already off-topic.

I hope this recipe will get you up to speed.

Borut Bolčina

Kev D'Arcy pravi:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to set-up a dynamic web project in eclipse 3.2 using wtp 1.5
> and maven. I have everything in my project compiling correctly but the
> runtime classpath is missing all the dependencies that are defined
> in my pom.xml. Do they need to be defined in the .classpath file as well
> as in the pom.xml?
> Kev
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