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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Getting the ear plugin to recognise har files
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 19:52:57 GMT
Stephane Nicoll wrote:

>> Embedded error: Unknown artifact type[har]
>> Looking in the docs, the configuration option "artifactTypeMappings" 
>> seems
>> to offer a clue, but apart from the text "PlexusConfiguration", there is
>> no indication what needs to be done to get this to work, or whether this
>> option does I what I think it might do.
> Well, it does [1].
>       <configuration>
>          <artifactTypeMappings>
>            <artifactTypeMapping type="har" mapping="jar"/>
>          </artifactTypeMappings>
>        </configuration>

This option won't work for us, as the project that creates the har file, 
already creates an ejb mapped to a jar file, which creates a filename clash.

Ideally the ear plugin shouldn't try to know about every single file 
extension ever made, because invariably someone (in this case JBoss) 
invents a new one, and the ear plugin stops working.

A sane default would be to assume the suffix maps to the type for files 
that are not recognised.


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