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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [ANN] Maven IDEA Plugin 2.0
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 05:21:28 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven IDEA
Plugin, version 2.0.

You can run mvn -U to get the latest version of the plugin, or specify
the version in your project's plugin configuration:



* [MIDEA-5] - using copyright plugin gets converted back differently to 
original, corrupting ipr
* [MIDEA-6] - create separate :module, :project and :workspace goals
* [MIDEA-11] - Attach source code and/or documentation to library jars
* [MIDEA-14] - add support for ejb module configuration in iml
* [MIDEA-15] - add support for war module configuration in iml
* [MIDEA-16] - idea target only works after compilation
* [MIDEA-21] - Running plugin multiple times causes multiple module 
entries in ipr
* [MIDEA-27] - generated sources aren't added correctly to idea project path
* [MIDEA-30] - Bad/missing settings for generated web app module
* [MIDEA-31] - idea mojo doesn't work with dependency with classifier
* [MIDEA-34] - Add resources to source folders instead of module libraries
* [MIDEA-35] - Module Libraries and WebModule libraries to package 
should not have a name attribute
* [MIDEA-42] - Maven IDEA Plugin does not respect dependency exclusions
* [MIDEA-45] - Problems with exclude logic
* [MIDEA-49] - WebModuleProperties reactor modules: adding with method 5 
not compatible with /WEB-INF/classes
* [MIDEA-50] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when adding a resource to 
the pom
* [MIDEA-18] - Resource patterns should be configurable and have a 
better default (+patch)
* [MIDEA-20] - Configurable excluded directories for less synchronizing
* [MIDEA-23] - Add option to use full artifact names for library names
* [MIDEA-25] - patch to add modules and libraries for web archives
* [MIDEA-32] - Changed Xpp3Dom in favor of dom4j
* [MIDEA-38] - Some improvements in generating iml-files for Intellij
* [MIDEA-44] - Optional toggle switch to revert MIDEA-35
* [MIDEA-28] - Add an idea:clean goal
* [MIDEA-41] - Source attachments are maintained when running idea:idea
* [MIDEA-43] - Utilize plugin testing harness and create test cases for 
the Idea plugin

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