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From "dan tran" <>
Subject Re: Dependencies Options
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 14:52:23 GMT
I think you can checkin all your dependencies into SCM using maven layout.
and point your pom to local directory containing your binaries.


On 4/25/06, Goodin, Brandon <> wrote:
> Alexandre,
> First, thanks for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to
> answer
> my thoughts.
> > Just one more thing I dislike about system dependencies I wanted
> > to specify. A good practice is usually to do a
> > complete project check out after a check in. Takes
> > a lot of times when you have several jars bundled with your projects.
> This is a very contextual argument, which is what my point is. I think we
> can all find reasons why we would opt for using the jar repository (as
> Simon
> stated). But equally, I think there are contexts where we can make the
> argument for not using the jar repository. In all the contexts I've worked
> in thus far it takes me very little time to actually checkout my
> project...
> jars included. This holds true for larger projects too. Disk space is
> cheap.
> The strain on bandwidth is not a compelling enough argument due to the
> fact
> that a check happens once every few hours in a system that has a
> continuous
> build. Also, I don't think I've ever heard one complaint about disk space
> usage or bandwidth usage when checking out source code containing
> libraries.
> Another thought occurred to me while I was writing this. What about other
> binary elements that are in a source tree? Such as Images or PDFs. Should
> we
> create a binary repository for them too? Or maybe we can setup a WebDAV
> for
> those ;-) Sometimes these things are needed... but not every time.
> > What is the difference between a
> > internal corporation Maven repository and a internal corporation SVN
> > repository setup on the same server? Nothing except Maven repository
> > is better at handling dependencies then SVN.
> You really make my point here :). You pose the question "What's the
> difference?". My answer is "very little or none". So if there isn't a
> compelling difference for my project it becomes extra baggage that I would
> prefer not to have. Shouldn't it be an optional, planned and acceptable
> practice not to use it?
> So, the difference is:
> 1) I only need one repository SVN
> 2) I only need to make one call to SVN
> I think Simon has very valid points and has made a stab at a solution.
> Would
> an enhancement request to more openly support source tree based jars be
> welcomed?
> I want to reemphasize that I really appreciate the hard work the Maven
> developers have put in. I really enjoy much of Maven. I just believe the
> dependency options are too strict and need to provide additional support.
> Thank you all for your dialog on this,
> Brandon Goodin
> "Start simple and grow to complexity... when necessary"
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