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From <>
Subject documentation for maven-scm-api?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:21:34 GMT
I'd like to interact with our project's cvs repository on from within my own plugin,
thus I plan to use the maven-scm-api. Is there any documentation for it available online?
Maybe JavaDocs?
Is 1.0-beta-3 the latest version, which is not a snapshot?
I'm using a ssh tunnel, so my server is "localhost", while I assume that other might directly
connect to All I could find out now, is that the scm url is only stored
in project.scm.developerConnection
=> Can the scm url be put into the ~/.m2/settings.xml? 
I tried to validate the scm url with scm:validate and that worked. A scm:status failed first,
because it had no connectionUrl set. 
=> Why does scm:status not look into the project.scm.developerConnection, but only in project.scm.connection?
=> How do I create the ~/.cvspass?
=> Do I have to install a cvs client in order to use cvs?

For people who should find this mail in the mailing list archives, here are a few pointers,
what I found out so far:

Invalid maven.scm.url

[m2] maven scm api and cvs

How to use scm from Java

How check that project should be rebuilded (source code management)?

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