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From "Eric Redmond" <>
Subject Re: Shared projects and Maven best practice
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 13:40:38 GMT
Oh, its unfortunate that I have run across this interesting thread just now.
I actually ran across the exact same issue. Here's what I did (note this may
not be the most elegant solution, however, it worked well, and was the
easiest to implement). Since you mentioned that this is merely for rapid
development, it is presumed that you will eventually update everyone to the
newest version.

I created an alternate repository named "TAG" (whatever your tag is) and
pointed apache to it. For example, if your corporate repo is
http://corp/repo1, then create another repository named
http://corp/repo1-TAG, and continuum can build only specific projects that
should be overridden. This repository was populated solely with a specific
tagged cut of the code. Then your team can depend upon the repositories of
both. When they point to Utility 1.0.0, they should pick it up from TAG.

Now, in my defense, this strategy was employed to work on top of a very
legacy build/deploy system that knew only of SNAPSHOTs (and nothing else...
so its not really fair to even call it a versioning system). It sounds like
you guys have an equally goofy system. Are you guys supporting legacy
version in tandem? Meaning, do you branch 1.0 and continue working on it,
and then also work on 1.1? This was actually our big problem.


On 4/4/06, Mang Jun Lau <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just want to spark a discussion here on the list.  I want to know if you
> guys/girls have encountered a simliar problem to what I'm having now.  So
> here goes:
> At our company we have two J2EE applications that are fairly large with
> many projects.  We operate in a RAD/Eclipse environment with CVS as our
> SCM.  There are shared projects (e.g. Utility projects) between the two
> applications.  These shared projects are developed more or less separately
> from the two main applications.  It is ideal for the two big applications
> to depend on the latest (i.e. HEAD) of the utility projects.  However,
> sometimes when deadlines are looming, and there's no time to test these
> latest changes, one or both of our applications will want to depend on an
> older, CVS tagged version of these utility projects.
> So the question is, how can I design my POM for these Utility projects so
> that I can build the application despite using a CVS tagged version?
> What I have now:
> - App 1 depends on Utility 1.1.0 (HEAD)
> - App 2 depends on Utility 1.0.0 (old CVS tagged version)
> - Continuum 1.0.2
> - Utility pom.xml at HEAD is 1.1.0
> - Utility pom.xml at tag is 1.0.0
> - both applications are in Continuum, modules are symlinked in CVS so that
> Continuum can check them all out at once. Utility project included with
> each application checkout.
> So really I guess that if there's a way to checkout an older version of
> the Utility project but HEAD of everything else, then I'm fine.  Is there
> a way to do this? Or am I using Maven incorrectly?  If I'm unclear, please
> ask and I'll try my best to clarify what I have.
> Thanks so much.
> _Mang Lau

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