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From Geoffrey De Smet <>
Subject Re: Jar with depenencies or Executable jar - summary
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 15:00:08 GMT
I use the assembly plugin like this:


Because I have dependency on some signed jars (acegi for one),
I still need to delete /META-INF/*.SF *.RSA files with winrar 
afterwards. There is an issue for that in JIRA.

Artamonov, Juri wrote:
> Hi All,
> Guys, could you please give a summary of what plugin is recommended for
> using to have executable jar?
> As I see (per comments in IRC) the result jar that I get after using
> assembly plugin in m2 is not the same as result jar that I get after
> using uberjar plugin in m1.
> Also seems uberjar is available only for m1. Someone mentioned javaapp
> plugin but as I see it's available for m1 as well only.
> Emmanuel Venisse pointed me in IRC to jarjar-maven-plugin but according
> to him seems the plugin is in not working state.
> t=mojo
> So, could you please recommend the plugin for m2, which will result the
> same executable jar as get after using uberjar plugin in m1, of cource
> if it's exists?
> Best regards, 
>                         Juri.

With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet

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