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From "Allison, Bob" <>
Subject RE: plugin use in multiprojects seems broken
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 15:05:49 GMT
Bugs like this are one of the reasons the plugin is still alpha.
Although, I have to admit that I did not expect the plugin to get used
like this since I figured each project that wanted to be able to build
an RPM would need an individual configuration; I wasn't expecting anyone
to want to use an identical configuration for the plugin on every

I'll take a look at some of the other plugins and figure out how to do
this check and update the sources to make this work.

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From: Brett Porter [] 
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 20:44
To: Maven Users List
Subject: Re: plugin use in multiprojects seems broken

You'll need to provide more details. Why doesn't it work if you don't
put it in the parent? Where do you put it if not in the parent?

Regardless, it should work in the parent. It's a bug in the rpm plugin
if it attempts to produce an rpm for a pom - it should be testing the

- Brett

On 3/11/06, Xavier Toth <> wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing something but the use of plugins in multiprojects
> broken to me. I've got three projects that build rpms so I made a
> projects to run them all. However unless I add the plugin into the
parent as
> in :
>   <modules>
>     <module>micro_proxy</module>
>     <module>socks</module>
>     <module>jwss</module>
>   </modules>
>   <build>
>     <plugins>
>       <plugin>
>         <groupId>org.codehaus.mojo</groupId>
>         <artifactId>rpm-maven-plugin</artifactId>
>         <version>1.0-alpha-2-SNAPSHOT</version>
>         <configuration>
>           <release>1</release>
>           <mappings>
>           </mappings>
>         </configuration>
>       </plugin>
>     </plugins>
>   </build>
> the submodules won't build. I really don't want to run the plugin
> goal in the parent project. It seem to me that a mulitproject parent
> to be able to ignore plugin goals that it doesn't have build
information for
> and simple pass them along to its submodules.
> Xavier

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