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From Matthew Beermann <>
Subject [m2] Figuring out (from a plugin) what URL a dependency came from?
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 23:20:44 GMT
I'm writing a plugin that, among other things, needs to know where exactly a dependency came
from; that is, a fully qualified URL to the remote repository where the artifact was retrieved.
  Seemed easy at first - write a mojo, iterate through project.getArtifacts(), call artifact.getRepository()
on each... and the return value turns out to be always null. Huh? Why?
  I also had a look at the ResolutionListener interface, but it seems to suffer from the same
problem: none of the callback methods are passed data that would tell me which repository
is being examined.
  Is there any way to get at this information? Thanks!
  --Matthew Beermann

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