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From "Artamonov, Juri" <>
Subject RE: deploy war to remote repository
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 13:35:26 GMT

You can try cargo example
After this you just need to use cargo:deploy.

Also in listed pom file if you are using cargo 0.8 please change
cargo.tomcat.manager.username on cargo.remote.password and change
cargo.tomcat.manager.password on cargo.remote.password

Best regards,

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From: Evan Bollig [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 9:39 AM
Subject: deploy war to remote repository

Im running maven 2 and need to deploy a war to a remote tomcat server.
The goal is to limit the deployment to one command: mvn tomcat:deploy or
mvn cargo:deploy, so checking out a plugin (i.e. the latest
tomcat-maven-plugin) and manually compiling it is not an option; if this
can be automated by maven I havent figured out how. I found two
pre-deployed plugins: cargo and the maven-tomcat-plugin, but I cant get
either one configured correctly. From the cargo docs, I found how to
specify the remote host, username, etc, but I still face a problem that
the server is apache-tomcat 5.5.15 and the manager url ends with
/manager/html instead of /manager the way cargo is pre-configured. As
for the other plugin, once I got maven to download
tomcat-maven-plugin-1.0-SNAPSHOT from, I
found that it wont accept a different destination url (even though I
follow to a T what the docs say should work).

Im sure someone on this list has gone through this process before. Can
you post some tips, or an example of a working pom that does a remote

-Evan Bollig

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