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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: Jalopy plugin problem
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 00:24:07 GMT
On 2/12/06, Arnaud HERITIER <> wrote:

> I also prefer to find a fix for everybody in the 1.4.X without to have
> to create a branch. But it depends if there's really a bug in jalopy
> 1.5b5 or if this is a bug in our plugin. Did you try some others
> jalopy beta  ?

I tried 1.5b3-- it also removes import statements.  So I opened a ticket:

I'd prefer to stay on Jalopy 1.0b11 and maven-jalopy-plugin 1.3.x.  At
this point I can't get any version of the plugin to work.  And right
after we decided to standardize on this to clean up our code. :/

> All dependencies are loaded by default in the root.maven classloader
> which is a child of the root classloader.
> Ant can't find a class in the root.maven classloader. It's why you
> need to load in the root classloader all the classes used by the ant
> tasks.

Then how is 1.4.1-SNAPSHOT 'working' with only jalopy and jalopy-ant
in the root classloader?

And doesn't changing the Log4J version effectively make this a Maven
1.1 plugin?  Maven 1.0.2 uses Log4J 1.2.8 and the note says to be
careful to load the same version as the core.

I don't get it.  I've reviewed the changelog since 1.3.1 and nothing
important except the dependencies in project.xml has changed.  Leaving
aside the fact that 1.3.1 shouldn't be working at all, much less
working sometimes, for some people, if I switch back to Jalopy 1.0b11
I can't escape the NoClassDefFound error.


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