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From "Tom Joad" <>
Subject Mvn eclipse and eclipse builders
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 17:31:45 GMT
Hi all,
We have an eclipse project R7 which began without maven managing
configuration i.e It is an  eclipse Dynamic web application and  all
dependencies are under WEB-INF/lib .the project uses spring and 
hibernate frameworks.
We want to use maven to manage our lifecycle build from now, so I
create the pom file for the project with genuine configuration of
maven-eclipse-plugin. For example
I take exactly all classpathContainers.buildcommand values on the
non-maven-defined project  So when running mvn eclipse:eclipse  I get
the same .project file
My .wtpmodules file seems good , and so with .classpath

I think that i didn't anything wrong but I get the following error 
when eclipse builds the project.
Errors running builder "Component Structural Dependency Resolver".
I think that following errors  are direct consequence of it.
Eclipse doesn't compile my project no class files generate under the
targetpath  myeclipse project/.deployables/WEB-INF/classes and no
dependencies put under /myeclipse project/.deployables/WEB-INF/lib .

Am i rignt to think that for instance the snippet
<dependent-module deploy-path="/WEB-INF/lib"
    </dependent-module> is used by eclipse builders to populate 
/myeclipse project/.deployables/WEB-INF/lib .

I already spend 2 days , googling  (curiously with my error criteria ,
there is no more the twenty results), reading docs etc. to try to
resolve this problem.
maven build works fine and it is the last (I wish) , so that i can say
that we definitively adopt maven.

Thanks for all helps,

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