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From Chris Markle <>
Subject Re: Different dir structure for javadoc:javadoc vs. site goals - is this expected?
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 06:38:37 GMT

> Both have been fixed in the plugin's SVN. I believe the empty index
> was already fixed in the previous release of the javadoc plugin.

I tried downloading, building and running the latest javadoc plug-in 
from SVN and I am still seeing the zero-length apidocs/index.html in my 
test environment. My test env is just the rebuilt javadoc plugin along 
with snapshots of all else (i.e., I am not building all of maven and its 
plugins from src, just the javadoc plugin). I don't think the javadoc 
plugin is creating the zero-length file. I run the same javadoc command 
as the plugin generates and it generates what you'd expect and not the 
zero-length puppy. I know I am using the built plugin because I 
instrumented it with some debug stmts that are getting executed.

I see a method in JavadocReport that looks interesting and I was 
wondering if you give me a clue or three about its use and then I could 
debug further:

      * @see org.apache.maven.reporting.MavenReport#getOutputName()
     public String getOutputName()
         return "apidocs/index";

Also are there other related Maven or plugin sources that I should build 
to test this with. I presume that you aren't seeing it and your 
environment is probably more bleeding edge.

Thanks in advance.


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