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From Sasvata Chatterjee <>
Subject Re: [m2] Unarchive selected files/dirs
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 17:04:58 GMT
> > - I haven't looked through all of Plexus.  Is there something
> > equivalent to org.codehaus.maven.model.PatternSet in Plexus?
> > Otherwise, a Maven dep. needs to be added to Plexus (or, I guess, the
> > equivalent of PattrnSet must be added to Plexus).
> >
> > - There's no way to extend the UnArchiver interface without affecting
> > all implementations (outside of Plexus) that implement the interface.
> > Only backwards-compatible way is to create a new interface extending
> > UnArchiver, but then it is a new interface anyway....
> Can we just add setExcludes() and setIncludes() to the unarchiver interface?

Yes.  Good idea, avoids the Maven dependence.

> And make other unarchiver implementations includes and excludes aware?
> (note gzip unarchiver will not understand this)
Yes, solves it for plexus-archiver, but still breaks impls of
UnArchiver outside of plexus-archiver.

In any case, I have entered a Plexus JIRA issue:

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